Megan Menzies, b. 1995 is a London based artist, currently enrolled on the Painting MA at the Royal College of Art. She is a recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant (2021). Megan writes, draws, paints and uses elements of installation to explore stories, conversations and personal experiences. She seeks to capture heavy moments, where time thickens and small details are valued and intensified. Megan often starts with drawing. The drawings bring together observation, feeling and memory and she uses them to search for an element of the sublime within the often-ordinary subjects that she’s drawn to. Megan translates these drawings onto canvas using oil paint. Sometimes taking fragments from them, areas that interest her for their detail and textural elements, and sometimes keeping them whole. Through presenting both fragment and whole Megan hopes to convey to the viewer a sense of how these moments feel, to encourage sensitivity and close looking and to reveal the underlying awkwardness, sensuality or magic of the everyday.